Address: Hackettstown
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Phone: (908) 914-2335

Recently, you may have seen us driving around town in our white STUDENT DRIVER cars, or perhaps coming in and out of our office at 147 Main Street. Tigers Driving School has been actively and effectively training young students and adults from the Hackettstown and surrounding areas to be some of the most excellent drivers on the road. Our cars are clean, safe, and professionally maintained.  The vehicles are equipped with a dual brake system to provide an extra level of safety.

I had my first student driver in the summer of 1998 when my son was just a toddler.   I don’t know who was more nervous about the lesson, the student or me.  Since then, I have worked for two other schools and have acquired well over 500 hours of teaching experience. Some parents ask, “How do you do it”? Our method is simple; we take a step-by-step approach at a pace at which the student feels comfortable.

Over the years, I have worked with other experienced driving instructors who realize just how vital it is to be calm and commit to safe driving. Some of our driving instructors are retired Drivers Ed teachers or first responders right from the Hackettstown area.

At Tigers Driving School, our motto is “It’s not just about passing the test; it’s about learning how to drive." Thank you for trusting us in the past with your older children, we are just a phone call away to start your new drivers in obtaining their NJ driver's license.

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Happy Driving,

Kim Sillett

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