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Modern engines require high quality fuels to deliver optimum performance. Low quality fuels inhibit vehicle operations. They compromise power, engine operability and fuel economy. Untreated fuels—especially ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)—can lead to corrosion, harmful emissions and higher maintenance. The Fuel Ox has a solution to these problems.

The Fuel Ox provides the most technologically advanced fuel treatments on the market to improve today’s available fuels. Our products enhance fuel quality to ensure better fuel combustion, engine operability and fuel storage all-year round. Our fuel treatments increase fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and clean fuel systems among many other things. They are soluble in all distillate fuels and replace the lubricity agents stripped from today’s low sulfur diesel fuels (ULSD).

Our team of professionals is dedicated to bringing fuel consumers—from automobile drivers to fleet managers to home heating oil users—the most cost-effective methods of optimizing today’s available fuels.

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