The primary goal of the Hackettstown Business Improvement District is to improve the economic potential of each and every business that is located within the district. By providing a clean, safe, attractive business district that meets the needs of residents, customers, owners, and employees, the Business Improvement District promotes Hackettstown as a desirable location to visit and invest…Read More >>>

Assessment Methodology

The BID assessment formula is used to determine the amount that each property owner pays each year based on a benefit-cost ratio in a tiered hierarchy, with Tier 1 properties receiving the highest rates (relative to property value, with properties valued highest being on Main Street). Most additional properties fall into Tier 2, with a handful in Tier 3, and 1 property that falls into Tier 4, and is a multi-property listing.  Read More >>>

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The Hackettstown Business Improvement District endeavors to attract, retain, and promote businesses that enhance the quality of life of the residents of Hackettstown and the surrounding communities…Read More >>>


Our events require a big effort to be offered as a great experience to all participants, businesses, residents and visitors. We can always use some help! Please fill out the form below if you are interested…Read More >>>