Maintenance Employee Job Description

The HBID utilizes to manage employee hours and employee will be responsible to add the app to their smartphone. Employee must clock in at the BID office.

Payroll is completed twice monthly, 15th of the month and the last day of the month 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st as appropriate.

Specific hours of work will be 9am through 12pm, unless prior written approval by the director or if unavailable, appropriate management.

Patrol Business District daily (TCC zone) that includes Main Street and adjacent side streets from Stiger Street to the west along Main Street to five corners to the east (David’s Country Inn, Delta Gas & Valley National Bank) picking up trash and debris.

Patrol Mountain Avenue BID District weekly or as needed picking up trash and debris.

Notify director immediately of any out of ordinary observations that you consider problematic.

Additionally, follow specific work orders either verbal or written as needed. Mostly for events or other specific needs & projects.

Must clean the BID office weekly, consisting of entrance, director’s office & conference room:

  1. Vacuum, dust, empty trash (4) dispose of those bags in the dumpster at the back of the property.
  2. Clean the bathroom including the sink, toilet and floor with proper cleaning material.
  3. Clean the kitchenette, including the sink, counter, microwave, refrigerator & floor.

If interested, please contact Jim at the BID office, 908-850-5004 or

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