Stryker Airsoft is now hosting Corporate Events, but brings a unique twist to them. When you plan a Corporate Event at Stryker, your team will grow together and have fun developing valuable skills as they participate in team building exercises and competitions on the Airsoft Field. The competitions are designed to make a difference outside the structured workplace setting. With safety as their priority, Airsofters of all levels of experience will be comfortable.

“It was a lot different then my last corporate event experience. Teamwork was definitely put to the test and we were able to have fun while doing so! The fun and exciting atmosphere led everyone outside the workplace setting to have an experience like no other. I recommend this to all businesses!” – Amy Newman

Unique and realistic games are used to promote teamwork and overcoming challenges. Creating effective strategies and implementing them is the key to success on the field. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help guide your team in a fun day of growth and development!

“When I was looking into doing a Corporate Event for my company I wanted it to be somewhere different. I am so happy I ended up going with Stryker. It is not everyday you get to run around an Airsoft Field with your coworkers!”— Jack Meehan

If you would like more information or would like to book your next Corporate Event at Stryker Airsoft please email

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