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Morristown Financial Group was formed in 1997 by six experienced financial services professionals. All with mature practices at a well-known brokerage, the colleagues had become disenchanted with their work, as they were feeling more like salespeople promoting the company’s products, instead of serving as true financial advisers who could offer clients the best products available in the marketplace to truly meet their needs.

Their diverse and complementary backgrounds and mutual respect for their knowledge, experience, respective expertise, professionalism, honesty and integrity – along with their common desire to be independent agents – provided the ideal combination to create their own firm. By establishing an independent financial services partnership, they would finally be in a position to best serve their clients.

Since its creation, through both bull and bear markets, the Morristown Financial Group has grown. Today, the firm is comprised of 27 financial advisers – all of whom share a common commitment: to serve their clients’ best interests. With no direct affiliation with any company or mutual fund, Morristown Financial Group’s advisers can select from among every financial product or service in the marketplace, thereby ensuring that their clients’ needs are met.

All of the Morristown Financial Group advisers share another common commitment: to establish and maintain close personal relationships with their clients. Only by knowing their clients and their evolving financial needs and goals can they be effective financial consultants.

Morristown Financial Group and its principals are singularly proud of their roots and heritage. Despite years away for college or other “growth experiences,” many of the associates were born and raised and still live in or near the towns in which they grew up. While Morristown Financial Group boasts clients in virtually every one of the United States, as well as abroad, the Morristown Financial Group associates have their strongest ties to New Jersey. The associates are active members of their local and professional communities – ties that support their commitment to stay on top of clients’ financial services needs as well as the latest in industry trends and products.

Individuals at Morristown Financial Group are registered with LPL Financial, the largest independent broker/dealer in the country.

Financial Advisor
Morristown Financial Group
112 Mountain Ct
Hackettstown NJ 07840
908-303-3576 (cell)
973-867-1350(Morristown Line)
973-490-6419 (fax)
908-637-8294 (home)

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